Your Teachers

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Sara Mingus

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Heather Shaw Dendy

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Katy Mena-Berkley

I began practicing yoga in 2001, one year after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I started slowly, relying on restorative Iyengar-influenced classes to help strengthen my body as I worked through flare-ups of my disease. More than a decade later, I am blessed to have developed the mental and physical strength to practice several times per week. The wonders of yoga and modern medicine!

I completed my teacher training with Cori Martinez in Ojai, California, and I am thrilled to be able to teach in the community that is so dear to my heart. My classes are based on the concept that you must recharge your strength by tuning in to breath and wisdom, honoring your body where it is in the moment physically and spiritually. Sometimes this may look like powerful practice filled with arm balances and core exercises. Other days, your body may be craving a softer approach. Finding that balance is your yoga. 

Dosha constitution: Pitta-Kapha

Most unusual talent: I can speak a sprinkling of Greek and Italian. 

I am wife, a writer, a yoga teacher, a public speaker, an Orthodox Christian blog content manager, and mama to two sweet puppies. Is stay way too busy, but I love it all. 


merrile stroud

Most people when they meet me and learn I have four, yes FOUR, daughters express sympathy and roll their eyes. But the truth is, I prayed for four daughters since I was seven and in and out of hospitals for a congenital kidney defect. I wanted a sister to sit in bed with me while I recovered.

It was in those hospital walls that a sweet nurse taught me to breathe deeply as things got tough.

Fast forward several decades and Sara Mingus was my first yoga instructor. The breathing and "staying on my own mat" felt like home. I never left yoga after that first class.

I'm a wife to my favorite human John, momma to Anna, Sally, Tay Tay and Beebe and I, I am a yogi.

Dosha constitution: Vata.

Most unusual talent: I am freakishly good at applying makeup.

I am hopeful


Brittany Williams

About me:

I reluctantly took my first yoga class in 2011 and immediately fell in love with the practice and was signed up for a power yoga teacher training with Johnna Smith a year later. I began teaching in Nashville in 2013 and moved back to my hometown of Chattanooga in 2019. In that time, my yoga practice led me to get my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and I currently work as a therapist at a local elementary school. I love the construct of the enneagram and am very much a type 8. My dosha is pitta. My special talents are helping my students connect the physical, emotional, and spiritual by incorporating my training as a therapist and yoga teacher, and also an encyclopedic knowledge of Bravo reality shows.