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Beginner's Power Yoga Series

Have you ever wanted to take a Power Vinyasa Yoga Class but been too intimidated to just jump right in? Have you thought to yourself, 'Why on earth would anyone want to practice yoga in a 90* room? Do you want to begin or deepen your yoga practice and learn more of the components of its dynamic nature?

Then the beginning series is for you!

Join Sara Mingus for a six-week series that will not only break down all the postures of the basic Power Vinyasa flow, but will discuss the importance of breath, flow (vinyasa), gaze (drishti), heat (tapas) & energy locks (bandhas).
This workshop is limited to 25 students, allowing us more intimacy to focus on building a strong foundation in the practice, setting you up to own your practice confidentially every time you step onto the mat.

Cost: $100 for the six-week series
Who: ALL levels