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The Body Resilient: A Weekend to Grow Your Lifetime Practice

The Body Resilient: A Weekend to Grow Your Lifetime Practice

Resiliency is our ability to bounce back, to maintain health and vitality in the face of challenges. With it, we can grow and thrive--whatever comes our way. The workshops offered in this weekend are aimed at helping you build a longterm yoga practice. You’ll learn alignment and movement principles to optimize your efforts on the mat. We’ll tune into what the poses do for us physically and also how the different categories of poses effect our moods and mental clarity. You’ll leave with renewed curiosity and a deeper awareness of yourself, along with strength and stability both on and off the mat. 

Three two hour practices that combine anatomy and specific alignment work which we then migrate into a flow practice to help students learn foundations and make progress in the areas of:

Backbends/Heart Openers Strength and Vulnerability. The back of our body has to be strong and supportive and our front body supple and free in order to experience pain-free backbends. In a similar way, it is our strength and sense of safety that lets us risk the vulnerability of connection and expression. Class will be themed around the work of Brene Brown, and will be a steady progression in backbending poses. 

Forward Bends and Twists - Surrender and Integrate. Forward bends require steadiness in the legs and length through the spine, and in order to grow this part of the practice, we must learn to let go of where we wish were, and surrender to where we are. Twists are about integration and digestion on all levels, and can create a sense of freedom and ease. We’ll work a steady flow of standing postures to lead to a better understanding of the work in the seated poses and reclined twists, and use breath work and deep rest in sivasana to complete the practice.

Arm Balances and Hip Openers - Boundaries and Core. Arm Balances teach us to pull toward us what we want and push away what we don’t. They require core strength from head to toe, as well as an understanding of the overall architecture of each pose. Identifying key actions helps us make progress—and identifying core values helps us make better decisions. We’ll begin with a brief discussion and an exercise to help you identify some of your core values, and then move into a flow-style warm up to a few armbalances, with a little time to work on them before we move on. We’ll conclude the class with some juicy hip-opening to ground ourselves and release tension.

Yin and Yoga Nidra - Receptivity and Reset. The Yin practice is a perfect place to learn to be more receptive, to feel rather than think our way through things, to let in the support that’s available to us in life. Our 2 hour practice will end with Yoga Nidra, which along with providing a deep level of rest, is an effective method to reset your nervous system, and your motivation through the declaration and repetition of an intention YOU create. 

Choose the practices that speak to you individually or sign up for the whole weekend to take your practice to the next level, both on and off the mat. 

Take each session individually for $35 or sign up for the whole weekend for $120